Franki Katz


Original Music Now on Youtube

Listen to Franki Katz’s original antifolk music, now available on Youtube. 

Featured songs include Ordinary People, a trancelike meditation on the rhythms of a life, and He Lied, a musical fairytale about a wronged ghost in a forest.



Singer-songwriter Franki Katz  reflects on the emotional consequences of capitalism with a dreamy, forested sound. Featuring orchestral instruments and balanced vocals, her songs are as likely to inspire as they are to disturb.

Influenced by musical theatre, Franki’s songs often tell a faraway story, or a personal truth disguised as a fairytale. 

Franki writes on the edge of musical theatre and alternative pop with an antifolk attitude to make a sound that communes on the nausea of disillusionment.

look of love


Listen to Franki’s original song, Ordinary People, which was self written, recorded, and produced.


Watch Franki cover Skinny Love by Bon Iver.