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Based in Vancouver, BC, Franki is a singer-songwriter who focuses on the intersection between life, love, and capitalism with a dreamy, forested focus. Her sound weaves piano and string instrumentals together with resonant vocals. Reminiscent of the vocal warmth of an early Barbara Streisand combined with the lyrical unease of Regina Spektor, Franki’s sound pulls from anti-folk, musical theater, and indie pop music. Heavily inspired by singer-songwriters/playwrights like Sarah Bareilles and Anaïs Mitchell, Franki’s work leans on storytelling and narrative. Franki has performed both locally in Vancouver and internationally in South Africa. 

Her EP, Carnival, is due in 2023. Bound up in human stories from the fairy night market, it is a commentary on memory, love, and the things that we think we can buy.



Demo recording previews of Franki Katz’s original music is available to be heard exclusively on Youtube, with an expected EP release in 2023. 

Performance Recordings


Photos by Desiree Serhan.



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